break open

break open


  • to cause something to open suddenly, especially from within
  • to open something using force

Example Sentences

  1. The violent storms shook the very foundation of the house and broke open the doors.
  2. The heavy rainfall caused the seeds of the flower to break open.
  3. Sam broke open the trap doors to free the wounded men.
  4. When there is a fire and you are trapped, you have to break open the windows in order to escape.
  5. To avoid drowning, Peter broke open the windows of the car after the car plummeted into the river.
  6. It’s time to break open the liquor bottles so that the party can truly begin.
  7. I tried to break open the locks in order to free the trapped birds.
  8. Mandy and Moore broke open the gates to let the refugees in.


This phrase was first used the in Bible for the account of Paul and Silas when they prayed and there was a big quake and the prison doors broke open. This is found in the book of Acts 16:25. So from then, the phrase became used to refer to a violent or forceful opening mostly occurring from within.


  • fall apart; come apart; fall to bits; shatter; collapse; disintegrate

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