hang on

hang on


  • hold on or hold tightly
  • to wait for a little time or to keep a hold of
  • to hold on to someone or something tightly and not let go
  • to keep pushing or persisting regardless of obstacles
  • to hold something for someone until they are ready to pick it up

Example Sentences

  1. The child hung on to her mother and would not let go of her hands.
  2. Can you hang on to my bag for me while I get my wallet to pay for the groceries?
  3. Irrespective of the situation, people should hang on to their sanity.
  4. With the speed of the roller coaster picking up, I tried as hard as I could to hang on to my shoes.
  5. Seeing the impending car crash, every one hung on to the seats for dear life.
  6. I like hanging on to my wallet anytime that I am in a crowded place.
  7. Alice has decided to hang on to her marriage instead of filing for divorce.


This phrase originated from the invention of cloth hangers in 19th century in England. Given the way they remained attached to whatever surface they are placed, people started to use the phrase hang on to mean holding on tightly or not letting go. Soon, it made its way into everyday use.


  • hold tightly; grip; grasp; hold fast to; hold on to; clutch
  • wait a minute; stop; wait; hold on
  • hold your horses


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