beyond a shadow of doubt

beyond a shadow of doubt


  • to be certain about something's validity
  • to be true or legitimate
  • to be (something) without any doubt about it
  • indubitably

Example Sentences

  1. The government has clarified beyond a shadow of doubt that the people who have been evading taxes so far will be caught very soon.
  2. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he will not keep his word. That is why I did not lend him a single penny for his business.
  3. The community leader mention that his people will not be resorting to any violence beyond a shadow of doubt.
  4. My mother was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that he was the best match for me. As usual, mothers are always right.
  5. My grandmother was sure beyond a shadow of doubt that the ring belonged to her ancestors. She showed me pictures of her grandmother wearing it for her wedding.
  6. When getting into such a huge contract you better be sure of this company beyond a shadow of doubt.
  7. His guilt is now proved beyond a shadow of doubt.


The phrase plays on the words of there not even being a shadow of a doubt which just means that there is no doubt about that particular thing. It is speculated to have originated from the American English.

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