Doubt Idioms

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doubting Thomas

Meaning: always a doubtful person.

Example: He's such a doubting Thomas that he won't believe unless he sees things through his eyes. Read more ➺

you bet

Meaning: for sure

Example: The manager will pull this deal off. You bet on something else about him because this is definitely happening. Read more ➺

beyond a shadow of doubt

Meaning: to be certain about something's validity

Example: The government has clarified beyond a shadow of doubt that the people who have been evading taxes so far will be caught very soon. Read more ➺

get to the bottom

Meaning: to find out the truth relating to a situation

Example: The murderer will not get away with it, the news anchor said. She assured the audiences that the police will get to the bottom of it all. Read more ➺

the benefit of the doubt

Meaning: regards a person as innocent unless confirmed otherwise

Example: Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is right. Read more ➺