blow away

blow away


  • impress someone very much
  • surprise or please someone greatly
  • overwhelm someone


  1. This new has has such an interesting story and an amazing ending that it just blew me away.
  2. You must visit the exhibition that's being held in that gallery. It has so many beautiful paintings, it will blow you away.
  3. The teacher was blown away by the poems written by his students.
  4. The champion player was blown away watching the performance of the teenage prodigy.
  5. This movie is so amazing, it will just blow you away.
  6. The young and new team blew everyone away by their terrific performances in their inaugural competition.
  7. The stories of his adventures during his trekking trip will blow you away.
  8. He is such a good guitarist. His performance blew me away.

This phrase originated in the late 1500s.

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