blow mind


blow mind

Meaning | Definition

  • upset or distract
  • to overwhelm someone
  • to excite someone
  • to surprise, sock or amaze somebody
  • the notion of feeling overwhelmed with a fact or something
  • to be awed because of the magnitude, scale, size, beauty or any other aspect of something

Example Sentences

  • The cake simply blew my mind, it was so good that we ordered 3 more of them!
  • You have blown my mind with such a mesmerising performance. I felt every emotion while you were performing.
  • She will blow your mind when you have tasted her cooking. How are women good at everything that they do?
  • I have received the most mind blowing news ever. You will love it too.
  • My mother will be here by this time tomorrow. My mind is blowing thinking about how I am going to clean the entire house in one day.
  • Can you believe that her mind was blown with his charm initially? She is so smart and yet fell for his antics.
  • My sister and I have grown up reading the mind blowing tales from the Middle East. We are still swayed when we hear things similar to these tales.


The notion of something being so extreme is exaggerated in this phrase with the use of an image of a mind blowing up as the literal statement.

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