between you and me

between you and me


  • a secret to be kept between two people
  • in confidence
  • information to be kept strictly confidential
  • information not to be told to anyone else

Example Sentences

  1. Let me tell you something. Just between you and me, I don’t think her painting deserves the first prize.
  2. Susan, “between you and me, Mary spent a year in an asylum because of the murder of her husband.”
  3. Joe, “between you and me and the four walls, Jack has been on drugs since he was 16.”
  4. Nancy, “between you and me and the gatepost, it was Alicia that proposed to Peter, not vice versa.”
  5. Jason, “between you and me and the lamppost, there is a run happening tomorrow on pork bellies.”
  6. Angela, “between you and me, there is a lot to be desired in working in this place.”


When someone uses this phrase, it is meant to convey to the other party that the information is to be kept secret and not shared with others. Also, there are variations, such as between you and me and the four walls, or between you and me and the bedpost, or between you and me and the lamppost, or between you and me and the gatepost. One could use the phrase in any situation and use any object standing instead of four walls, lamppost, etc. It is a really old expression and has been around for a long time, out of mind.


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