under the radar
under the radar Variants | Synonyms off the radar below the radar beneath the radar above the radar Meaning going unnoticed, avoiding unnecessary attention another way to say underground, ... Read on
a little bird told me
a little bird told me Meaning | Synonyms it is used when a person is trying to hide the source of his information it indicates that the person ... Read on
behind closed doors
behind closed doors Meaning | Synonyms in clandestine privately secretly in secret confidentially in secrecy Example Sentences The planning board of the finance division constantly meets behind closed ... Read on
let the cat out of the bag
let the cat out of the bag Meaning to let a secret out in the open to allow something that is hidden to be revealed to reveal something ... Read on
sweep under the carpet, rug
sweep under the carpet or rug Meaning: try to hide a problem or keep a problem secret instead of dealing with it. Example: The administration team of the ... Read on
keep card close to chest
keep card close to chest Meaning: be secretive or cautious, give nothing away. Example: My brother don't know how much money his friends will spend this Friday night, ... Read on
card up sleeve
have a card up sleeve Meaning to have a secret advantage that is suddenly revealed to change the game a hidden resource Example Sentences He did not just ... Read on

Idiom of the Day

wrap in cotton wool
wrap in cotton wool Meaning: protect somebody too much without allowing them to be independent enough. Example: The mother wrapped the child up in cotton wool as if ... Read on


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