blaze a trail


blaze a trail

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to find a new method/technique
  • to lead the way
  • to set a trend
  • to explore something new
  • to pursue a line of research that points the way to great discoveries
  • to do something that was never done before

Example Sentences

  1. American scientists blazed a trail for preventing Coronavirus in 2020.

  2. The medical college has blazed a trail in developing new techniques for treating diabetes.
  3. She had gained a large number of followers by blazing a trail.

  4. Carl mostly follows the trail that others blazed.
  5. SpaceX is blazing a trail by sending humans on Mars.


The literal usage of the idiom can be traced back since the late 18th century for the practice of creating a new trail in the forest by marking trees with notches and cuts in the bark.

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