new kid on the block


new kid on the block

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a new arrival in a place, group or¬†organization
  • a person who just arrived to a particular area of activity or interest
  • somebody is new in a place or organization and has many things to learn about it

Example Sentences

  1. As I am the new kid on the block I know that I will have to work hard to prove myself.
  2. The new kid on the block is showing some definite potential and the boss is noticing.
  3. We moved around a lot when I was younger and I am used to being the new kid on the block. I have learned to make friends quite easily.
  4. As the new kid on the block I will have to introduce myself to all of the kids at school on Monday.
  5. That new company is proving to be a big competitor, that is quite impressive for a new kid on the block.
  6. Realizing that he was the new kid on the block in his organization, he was determined to prove himself.


The phrase is used in an informal capacity and is rarely uttered in a formal setting. It was first used in a “Skippy” cartoon by Percy Crosby in 1941:

“The new kid on the block told me that the next time he saw you he was goin’ to twist your nose.”

A block is slang for a City block. In this instance it could be said to mean the area in which the children live. It is also used when describing any unfamiliar situation, like a new company or industry.

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New kid on the block :- A newcomer

‒ Sunanda Behera February 28, 2018

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