as for

as for


  • to be regarding (something or someone)
  • to be concerning
  • about something or some

Example Sentences

  1. The meeting stands dissolved now. As for the agenda, I am happy to make the decisions all by myself.
  2. I wanted his advice in what I should study further. As for the university, I am good to select one by myself.
  3. As for the main course, I believe we will order what we always do.
  4. As for his work, he can just find a new job than fretting over the loss of this one.
  5. As for the guest of honour, I will be paying for his meal.
  6. As for this garbage, there is nothing remaining but to throw it out of the house.
  7. As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”
  8. As for my work, it is going good.
  9. I do not enjoy paragliding. As for other adventure sports, I am not as hesitant.
  10. As for me, I want to go with her to help her sister.


The phrase is often used in the beginning of a sentence which provides more insight on the previous statement. The origination of the phrase is speculated from legal terminology which justifies and explains the law. The literary origin dates back to the 1800’s.


  • as to

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1 Thought

I think, “as for me” is same to “as according to me.” Isn’t it?

- Anonymous July 21, 2020

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