apples to apples
apples to apples Variants apples and apples apples with apples Meaning | Synonyms having a fair comparison between the two things comparing the things which can actually be ... Read on
apple polisher
apple polisher Meaning a flatterer; toady a person who tries to get favours from those in authority through flattery a person who seeks for promotion or rewards from ... Read on
upset the applecart
upset the applecart Meaning spoil or disrupt a plan or arrangement disprove a theory Example Sentences We had planned to hold a get-together in the evening, but bad ... Read on
apple of eye
apple of eye Meaning the person of whom one is extremely fond, favorite, loving most favourite person someone most cherished, above others someone or something that is very ... Read on
apple of discord
apple of discord Meaning | Synonyms something that causes trouble or unhappiness anything that causes discord or jealousy an object or topic that sows anger, dissent a cause ... Read on

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don’t put all your eggs in one basket
don’t put all your eggs in one basket Meaning: don’t make everything dependent on one thing don’t put all your resources into one thing don’t depend for your ... Read on


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