lose it

Meaning: go insane or crazy

Example: I thought he had lost it when he told me how much his new car had cost. Read on

fit of anger

Meaning: to display a very bad temper, often by screaming a lot

Example: When she didn't get her way, she drove off in a fit of anger. Read on

in a huff

Meaning: to be upset or angry about something

Example: June was very upset because her mother would not buy her a new pair of shoes, so she stormed out of the room in a huff. Read on

keep your hair on

Meaning: to request someone to stay calm and not get annoyed

Example: The general kept his hair on during the meeting this time. Read on

as mad as a hatter

Meaning: it refers to someone being completely crazy

Example: The way he dressed for the event, he must be as mad as a hatter. Read on

in high dudgeon

Meaning: feeling or exhibiting great resentment

Example: After the scuffle, the man who was affronted left in high dudgeon. Read on

at daggers drawn

Meaning: almost ready to fight

Example: The two schools have been at daggers drawn for months. Ever since they played in the championship game. Read on

vent spleen

Meaning: to exhibit your rage

Example: The board members in the annual meeting witnessed the company's shareholders venting their spleen over them as they were angry. Read on

after blood

Meaning: to want to revenge or punish someone, because they have made you angry

Example: John is after blood who damage his car in the parking. Read on

up in arms

Meaning: angry

Example: My mom was up in arms about the new salary cuts rumoured to be put in place. Read on

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banana republic

Meaning: a small, poor country with a weak, corrupt or dishonest government

Example: If the current Prime Minister wins the election again, nobody can save our country from becoming a banana republic. Read on


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