all up


all up

Meaning | Synonyms

  • finished
  • over
  • no hope is left for somebody
  • at an end
  • there is no further hope for
  • the end is near for

Example Sentences

  1. It is all up with now¬†finding some good crane operator, they couldn’t have survived so long in these conditions.
  2. “If we can’t, it’s all up with the councillor,” yelled Ronnie.

  3. If someone tells my wife, then it’ll be all up with Andrew.
  4. It’s all up for me, John. Before I die, take this letter to my mother.


In its present form, the oldest records of the phrase can be found in 1789.

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Kevin, I think I can’t stand up anymore … cuz I got shot in the knees. It’s all up for me now. You gotta go. I am gonna tryna stop em even tho I barely can press the trigger but before you leave me please promise me you will always take care of my kids.

‒ Baby Lincoln January 5, 2021

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