as an aside


as an aside


  • indirect communication
  • as a discussion that is not supposed to be heard by others
  • information or opinion that is not meant to be publically heard
  • when you want to add to something to what you have previously said

Example Sentences

  1. As an aside; does anyone want to play chess?
  2. Today we will start new chapter of the book; but, as an aside, did you see the football match last night?
  3. I love this restaurant, as an aside; do you want to meet here again?
  4. Then he told me as an aside that he is bored.
  5. “The hero should take acting lessons,” my father said as an aside when the intermission began.
  6. The singer could use a voice coach said Sam as an side.
  7. We will study Macbeth but, as an aside, did you watch Harry Potter?
  8. At the party reception, she said as an aside, “The boss’s suit is inappropriate for the¬†occasion.”


It is a different from typical idiom or a phrase; hence, it is difficult to find its exact origin in the history. It is more like a rhetorical term such as “in addition” or “beside that”. People commonly use it in their normal conversations.¬† Aside also refers to a technique in classical plays in which a character utters his/her thoughts and emotions for the sake of audience and not other characters.

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