according to


according to meaning

  • as mentioned by someone else either verbal or scriptural
  • in agreement with something or someone
  • factual or experience based representation provided by a secondary source
  • can represent advice, opinions or warnings too

Example Sentences

  1. According to the news channel, this robbery took place in the night whereas the police are stating that it happened during the day.
  2. According to the elders in the house the tradition must be continued else it will bring bad luck in the house.
  3. According to the state’s chief minister, the level of literacy in the city is higher than ever.
  4. The measurements provided were not right according to the tailor so he would like to get them again.
  5. According to history, the war was fought for 40 days continuously and saw copious amounts of destruction on both sides.
  6. According to the weather report it will be sunny so let’s plan a day at the beach.
  7. According to him, she will never succeed but he potential is endless.
  8. According to the report, the crime rate in the city has been increasing rapidly since last 5 years.


The origination of the phrase comes from old English where figures like astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, barrister and writer Edmond Hoyle, 17th century London engraver Edward Cocker, Henry Fowler and English mathematician and inventor Edmund Gunter; all had a phrase “according to” before their names. People would use them as references. Although the names have faded with time, the referencing remains.

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