as a matter of fact


as a matter of fact


  • to be or have done something in actuality
  • something that is not imaginative
  • referring to facts, strictly
  • something that is straightforward, direct
  • a fact that is devoid of emotions

Example Sentences

  1. As a matter of fact, I told her just yesterday about how they tease her child in school and how he is bullied by the bigger kids.
  2. She told me in a matter of fact tone about how serious their relationship really is.
  3. The stories in her book are all matter of fact. I do not believe that children will like them.
  4. When it came to the matter of fact, he had nothing to say. Else we never hear the end of his woes.
  5. As a matter of fact, the newly married, couple has applied for a divorce only 6 days after of marriage.


The phrase has been in existence since the late 1500’s where it was a legal term [the Latin form of which was “res facti”] that looked at the examination of the evidence. In the early 1700’s though the other meaning of the phrase, that is to be unimaginative and prosaic was more common in use. This also came from the same origin and meant to reflect how the facts are devoid of imaginations and feelings. The literary origin of the phrase could not be traced though.

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