made it


you made it
or I made it
or we made it


  • used to indicated the completion of a task
  • used to indicate someone’s victory
  • used to indicate someone’s arrival

Example Sentences

  1. “It is so amazing that you made it because we heard that it was a very difficult task.”
  2. “Hey, you made it! I thought you were out of town all summer?”
  3. “I heard that you made a whole week without a single drop of alcohol. Isn’t that great?”
  4. “I’m so glad that you made it! I really didn’t think you would come.”
  5. “Hey Dan, you made it! That is such an incredible news.”
  6. “I spent the entire day wondering if you would make it and then suddenly I realized that he would be busy as it was a working day.”
  7. “Jason looked forward to spending time with his dad after a year but he didn’t seem quite sure if his dad would make it.
  8. “I still look at my parents after 25 years of marriage and wonder how they made it so far.”
  9. “I knew you would make it and I believed in you since the very first day we met.”
  10. “It makes me proud to say that you made it into the university on your first attempt.”
  11. That was a real tough work but together we made it now.
  12. Oh, man I didn’t want to cross the river, but finally I made it.


The idiom ‘you made it’ has no known origin.

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