a quick buck


a quick buck
also, a fast buck


  • to make money quickly.
  • to make money in a dishonest manner.
  • to earn money quickly and fast, usually in an unethical way.
  • to earn an amount of money by completing a favour for another individual.
  • an offer to help someone make money quickly for taking on a job.

Examples in Sentences

  1. He decided to make a quick buck by selling his CD collection.
  2. It was a fast buck scheme that ended up costing people a lot of money.
  3. Making a quick buck can help people to pay their bills when they need to.
  4. People will look to make a fast buck when they need something.
  5. Jack is trying to make a fast buck by selling burgers on a busy street.
  6. I like her because she never likes to make a quick buck through dishonesty.
  7. You can’t make a fast buck for so long using scams.


For many people, idioms and phrases such as “fast buck” or “quick buck” are difficult to comprehend unless they have a point of reference,┬ásince, as common proverbs, both these phrases could allude to a swift male deer if one is not clear about the meaning. The etymology, however, does show that these two phrases were coined back in the mid-1900s and have always been related to the practice of making money. Most people will grow up hearing this idiom more than a few times throughout the course of their life, since money is a very important aspect of life and this phrase is about making money.

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