a blessing in disguise

a blessing in disguise


  • misfortune which turns out to have advantages
  • good outcome from evil situation
  • an unfortunate event that later leads to an advantageous situation
  • an apparent misfortune that eventually results in a positive outcome
  • something that is bad at first, but later results in something good
  • a misfortune that unexpectedly turns into good fortune

Example Sentences

  1. Losing that job turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him as it forced him to plunge into business.
  2. When Pete fractured his knee, it was a blessing in disguise, for he got some much needed rest and a break from his hectic work life and refocused on some important things in his life.
  3. Failing in his exams was a blessing in disguise, for he realized that he was not enjoying his course and decided to try out something else.
  4. Missing the train was a blessing in disguise, for we would have been on it when it met with an accident, killing many of it's passengers.
  5. When her boyfriend dumped her, it was a blessing in disguise for Susan, for otherwise she would never have met the man who is now her husband.
  6. Alice's car breaking down was a blessing in disguise for her; if it hadn't, she could have been in the middle of that huge multi car pile up that happened on her way to work.

This phrase originated in the mid 1700s. The earliest usage in print was in the 1746 book "Reflections on a Flower-Garden" by James Hervey.

A 16 Thoughts

16 Thoughts

Looking at this sentences were a blessing in disguise or else I couldn’t pass my Language test!

- Rose September 28, 2020

Despite all the trying times that I faced it turned out finaly to be blessing in disguise because I came throught even more stronger

- Jamel April 27, 2020

The COVID19 pandemic effects was a blessing in disguise as it helped some people stay home and refocus on some significant things of interests in their lives.

- Oum Younes April 14, 2020

Thanks so much for explanation and breakdown! It helped me tremendously in the essay I’m writing now on this topic.

– Jade

- Anonymous December 8, 2019

Thanks so much for this explanation, it so easy to understand and gave me expertly what I’m looking for.
Oni again: Thanks.

- Okunola Olatunde April 18, 2019

Dies half mir, einen Bericht über mein großartiges Leben zu erstellen. Vielen Dank

- Hitler November 8, 2018

Thank u for this, this helped me to complete my story

- Abhinav October 10, 2018

The examples are nice and easy, and it gave me the idea framing examples for idioms. It help me a lot in holiday homework.

- Aayush Singh July 6, 2018

The examples are very easy to comprehend. Keep it up

- Solomon Lar K June 5, 2018

Amazing site, helped me in exams.

- Devansh May 4, 2018

Love the origin.

- Nunu April 25, 2018

Can you please make a sentence on this phrase using mobile?

- Neha March 2, 2018

Thank you for all the meaning & examples sentences, it’s truly an amazing site.

- Amylee February 23, 2018

This is a wonderful site. Thanks for helping me.

- Vaibhav Bansal January 9, 2018

Thank you for this amazing site 🙂

- Malak Aziz December 24, 2017

Good sentences and easy meanings

- Rishika October 29, 2017

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