Idioms for Kids

Complete list of idioms for kids including all common slang, idioms and phrases which are related to kids or used by kids.

1. All ears
All ears idiom is made for kids as it means very curious to hear when someone speaking. For example, kids in my class were all ears when I was telling them the story. Read More…

2. Kill two birds with one stone
Because kids always love talk about benefits or something extraordinary, so this idiom is one for them which mean achieve two things with a single action. Read More…

3. Warn off
This idioms generally used by parents to inform their children forcefully to stay at a distance from something that is not good for them. Read More…

4. Be up on
This is another idiom similar to warn off which means be well informed about a matter or subject. Read More…

5. Spin a yarn
Spin a yarn is the cute idiom that is completely made for little kids and childminder who like to hear the story from their parents and grandparent. Read More…

6. Call names
This is also a very childish common and funny idiom for kids which refers teasing or abuse verbally which is quite common in kids while playing or in school. Read More…

7. When pig fly
Children always dream about weird things which never happens or not possible, I have heard when a little girl started crying to play with moon and her parent tired of telling her that it’s not possible to play with moon. So, “when pig fly” idiomatic expression is made for kids those who dream about doing impossible things and this idiom means something that will never happen. Read More…

8. Build castle in air
This idiomatic expression is quite similar to “when pig fly” it’s about thinking to do something which is not possible as no one build a castle in air except in thoughts and dreams. Children use to build castle in air. Read more…

9. Tongue in cheek
The youngsters are freaky always and they pretend to be very polite and serious. This expression look naughty in itself, putting tongue in cheek. Made for kids and It means say something jokingly, but appearing to be serious. Read More…

10. Queer the pitch
Kids, known more as the spoilers, they spoils thing in stead of making things right because the lack of experience. Where there are many kids there is trouble. This idiom relates to them as it means “spoil somebody’s chance of doing something”. Read More…

11. Hive of activity
This expression means a place where kids put in a lot of hard work for example a classroom, like bees. Read More…

12. Bug-eyed
There is the deep bonding between children and bug-eyed every teacher and every parent must be a bug-eyed. Read More…

13. Stir up a hornet’s nest
Youngsters always come home and stirs up a Hornet’s nest when his school day has not gone well. Read More…

14. Not hurt a fly
It means not physically injure or verbally offend anyone for example: My kid is as sweet as honey and would not hurt a fly. Read More…

15. Class clown
This is pure kids’ idiom that means someone who stands out in a class because he makes constant jokes and pokes fun at people. Read More…

16. Tall story
Children always makes tall stories to hide their mistakes and mischiefs but also always caught by their parents, so this expression is used for juniors. Read More…

17. Slap on the wrist
It means an attempt to punish without causing any pain. Moms and Mams are very well known about this phrases and when to use it for little champs. Read More…

18. Mumbo jumbo
Mumbo-Jumbo is a cool idiom that means something that does not make sense or a speech which was meaningless. And of course this job could only be accomplished by kids. Read More…

19. Night owl
This is idiom is made for the senior kids who study hard even at late nights and it signifies someone who is active late at night. Read More…

20. Keen as mustard
Kids are keen by nature, they have curiosity to learn and to know new things. So when see a child is getting excited you can call them as keen as mustard. Read More…

21. Paddle own canoe
This expression is made for senior kids those who are about to leave their childhood and going to be self-independent. Paddle your own canoe means to be able to act without having to depend on anyone. Read More…

22. Bob’s your uncle
Actually, when we use this idiom, we are instructing someone to do something which is very easy and simple to accomplish. Kids are usually instructed by their elders, and this idioms appears at the same type of situations. On another hand where there is uncle, there is a kid so “Bob’s your uncle idiom” is well associated with the juniors. Read More…

23. Born with a silver spoon in mouth
This idiom is for kids because after birth you becomes a kid and it apparently look like a childish idiom. When I a kid and used to go to school, many students were so rich and they have all the amenities everybody wants to be their friend. At the same time I have learned the meaning of this idiom. Read More…


AuthorMiriam Mercado writes on 17th October 2017

Cute idioms. Helped me with homework.

AuthorAriana Grande writes on 10th October 2017

Lovin these idioms! better than you selena!

AuthorLion lover writes on 4th October 2017

Kids is a baby goat children is the word not kids

AuthorAnonymous writes on 2nd October 2017

Blind as a bat, as I would say, “You are so blind.”

AuthorBlob Head writes on 28th September 2017

I love idioms, there are super helpful.

AuthorBlob Head writes on 28th September 2017

Oh cool idioms big fan of all ya rock stars! I think this web is helpful!
Sups helpful.

AuthorMegan writes on 25th September 2017

I am a huge fan of you Selena and Taylor

AuthorDrake writes on 21st September 2017

Me too Selena

AuthorJames writes on 21st September 2017

Since I’m a kid I come to this website all the time.

AuthorJulie writes on 18th September 2017

I like these idioms our teacher also says it would be good if we added them to our writing.

AuthorTalor Swift :) writes on 18th September 2017

Did you guys know I put idioms in all my songs.

AuthorLife writes on 15th September 2017

Love these idioms

AuthorTannu writes on 15th September 2017

Nice idioms I like it. It helps us in study and in our day to day life.

AuthorAwesome writes on 29th August 2017

Oh my God I love you.

AuthorAwesome writes on 29th August 2017

What this is awesome like so much.

AuthorKida Cool writes on 23rd July 2017

Cool idioms.

AuthorM.Joyce writes on 17th July 2017

Nice, these are useful in our life.

AuthorJulie writes on 14th July 2017

Hi Selena Gomez I am a fan of you.

AuthorSelena Gomez writes on 23rd June 2017

Lovin’ these idioms! Gonna go ahead and use them in my songs. Great job, guys!

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