as busy as a bee


as busy as bee

Meaning | Synonyms

  • very busy
  • hard working
  • totally full of activity and on the go
  • in a purposeful and pleasant way

Example Sentences

  1. I am trying to complete my assignment by the weekend and am as busy as a bee. Could we rather meet up next week?
  2. The children are as busy as bees, trying to complete their costumes before the concert tomorrow night.
  3. You never have time to hang out with your friends anymore. What has you as busy as a bee?
  4. My husband is as busy as a bee with the merger at work. He will be unable to join me at the fundraiser but I will attend without him.
  5. He’s as busy as a bee, quite often attending meetings and organizing events.


It is quite easy to determine the origin of this simile. Bees are very hardworking creatures and can always be seen buzzing around. They collect pollen and nectar in order to pollinate plants and flowers. It is clear that the observation was made early on and that people were later compared to these industrious creatures.

The phrase dates back to at least the 1300s. An example can be found in The Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer:

“In omen been! For ay as bisy as bees.”

An excerpt from a hymn by Isaac Watts (1764 – 1748) reads:

“How doth the little busy bee,
Improve each shining hour, … “

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Meaning: Necessary to have a bee related DNA in the Omnitrix. Example : He is as busy as a bee but not Ben Tenyson.

- Ben Tenyson August 5, 2018

Meaning:- very busy Example:- As bees get busy every time to get honey, we also must be busy to achieve.

- Mohit Singh Negi July 28, 2018

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