Idioms beginning with F

foam at the mouth
foam at the mouth Meaning be extremely angry be enraged and show it show uncontrollable anger display furious rage Example Sentences She was foaming at the mouth when she ... Read on
flip the bird
flip the bird Meaning show someone the middle finger as an act of contempt or anger a rude and impolite gesture of showing someone the middle finger stick ... Read on
flash in the pan
flash in the pan Meaning something that is promising in the beginning but fizzles out later something that shows potential initially, but fails to deliver in the end ... Read on
field day
field day Meaning have a great time doing something enjoyable a day of excitement an opportunity to do something you enjoy doing a great deal to do, especially ... Read on
fancy free
fancy free Meaning something or someone who has no commitments or ties to do something as you please. having no social responsibilities. Example Sentences Until the time his ... Read on
fall for
fall for someone Meaning to be attracted romantically to a person to fall in love with someone be attracted to someone and start to love them feel love ... Read on
fall in love
fall in love Meaning to be very attracted to someone to start to love someone to become enamoured of each other start to feel love for someone or ... Read on
filthy rich
filthy rich Meaning Someone who is rich beyond measure. Often refers to someone who has become rich by using unfair means. Example Sentences His father is filthy rich ... Read on
flesh and blood
flesh and blood Meaning This phrase refers to direct family members, people that share a DNA, that is, flesh and blood. It is also used to referring to ... Read on
fish for a compliment
fish for a compliment Meaning It refers to an attempt to make someone say something nice to you or about you. It implies being even manipulative to get ... Read on

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give a wide berth
give a wide berth Meaning: avoid somebody; keep away from somebody. Example: He has fallen out with her adviser and has been giving her a wide berth for a couple ... Read on


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