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first things first
first things first Meaning to have a priority order to follow a sequence in which the priorities are placed in a descending order to deal with things that ... Read on
familiarity breeds contempt
familiarity breeds contempt Meaning to start disliking something when one gets to know too much about it close association causing discomfort and eventually contempt because of too much ... Read on
fortune favours the bold
fortune favours the bold Meaning it refers to people who face problems with determination and courage are the ones who attain massive levels of success being a brave ... Read on
follow by
follow by Meaning to continue with something else, usually on the agenda go behind somebody come after something going on ahead come next in time or sequence move ... Read on
food for thought
food for thought Meaning an idea or subject to think about to have things to think about arising from an event or situation new scheme or method to do something Example Sentences The ... Read on
from time to time
from time to time Meaning | Definition every now and then at periodic intervals Example Sentences The kids write to me from time to time letting me know ... Read on
faint of heart
faint of heart Meaning | Definition to not be strong enough to handle a situation to be weak shortage the bravery to face something complicated or unsafe Example ... Read on
fall between the cracks
fall between the cracks also, fall through the cracks Meaning | Definition be ignored or unobserved forgotten, overlooked or neglected to let something go by without inspection for quality ... Read on
foam at the mouth
foam at the mouth Meaning be extremely angry be enraged and show it show uncontrollable anger display furious rage Example Sentences She was foaming at the mouth when she ... Read on
flip the bird
flip the bird Meaning show someone the middle finger as an act of contempt or anger a rude and impolite gesture of showing someone the middle finger stick ... Read on

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seal of approval
seal of approval also stamp of approval Meaning an official sign of approval a statement or action that shows something favourably an official indication that something is accepted ... Read on


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