filthy rich

filthy rich


  • Someone who is rich beyond measure.
  • Often refers to someone who has become rich by using unfair means.

Example Sentences

  1. His father is filthy rich so obviously he is not worried about choosing the right university. He can get admission in any of them that he chooses.
  2. Everyone is not able to get filthy rich like you, some people have to work hard for even mediocre success.
  3. To be filthy rich means that you can choose and buy whatever you want, window shopping is for the less fortunate.

The word lucre, in and around the 1400’s meant money or riches, but pointed to it negatively. The filthy part in this expression points out to something that has been done unduly. At the time foul or filthy lucre were popular which eventually changed to ‘filthy rich’.

In 1526, William Tindale used it in his work. In the 1900’s the phrase came back and became more popular than it was originally. In 1929, an Ohio newspaper used the phrase to show the get rich quick attitudes that prevailed back then. Filthy rich is no longer used in just a negative way, it could beĀ referring to the magnitude of richness too.

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