you are what you eat


you are what you eat


  • if you eat good food you will be healthy, if you eat bad food you will be unhealthy
  • to be hit and healthy, you need to eat good food
  • eat well to feel well


  1. To stay healthy, it’s best to keep off junk food. You are what you eat.
  2. You are what you eat, so watch you diet and don’t eat unhealthy foods.
  3. “I feel more energetic and fit now that I’ve given up processed food and eat more freshly prepared local and seasonal foods.” “You are what you eat.”
  4. Athletes and sports persons are so fit because not only do they exercise regularly, but they also watch what they eat. After all, you are what you eat.
  5. We attended a seminar called “you are what you eat”, which advocated the benefits of a healthy diet.

The phrase was first used in English in the early 1900s. It refers idea that food controls a person’s health. Similar phrases had earlier been used in French and German in the 1800s. During the hippy era of 1960s, the phrase gained much prominence as it was adopted by the hippies as a slogan for healthy eating.

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