done for


done for


  • to be over
  • to suffer or be close to dying
  • something that is about to get over or fail
  • through, completed or finished
  • to ruin, destroy or fatally injure

Example Sentences

  1. The deal is done for I am not going to speak with that man again.
  2. That too old car is just about done for.
  3. The marriage is done for There is nothing more left to fight for.
  4. I am not going to be prize for him to win. I am done for looking for marriage proposals this way.
  5. The job was done for him by his colleagues. He just had to come to office and sign the papers.
  6. The event is already done for by the industrialist. There is no more scope to add networking partners.
  7. Her make is all done for by the people organizing the fashion show. She is not shelling out anything for it.
  8. I am done for standing up for people who themselves cannot pick the fight.
  9. The assignment is done for me by my brother who also took the same course last year.
  10. With missiles flying overhead and machine guns shooting at us, I thought we were done for.


The phrase originated in the 16th century and the first known literary use was by Fielding in the year 1752.

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