X Factor


X Factor

Meaning | Synonyms

  • an outstanding extraordinary ability
  • a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome
  • excellence that one cannot describe which makes somebody very unique
  • attribute or quality of something, beyond description
  • an incredible quality which forces you to ignore other bad qualities of a person or object
  • the eminence of a person which cannot let you put your finger on
  • a situation that has an intense but surprising influence
  • any unpredictable and great influence
  • an essential factor with unidentified results

Example Sentences

  1. This is the right time to invest in Gold and Real Estate. It may turn out to be an X-Factor.
  2. Ferrari makes less car using a high-quality component with expert hands, that is the X-Factor.
  3. Eliza is not beautiful, but she has the X-Factor of education, courtesy, and intelligence, which makes her extraordinary.
    1. Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli has the X-Factor to beat the balls that make India win.
  4. My dad definitely has the X-Factor that all the great mechanics have.
  5. This is the X-Factor of humans who lives in mountains and cold places of the earth which makes them strong.
  6. Google search algorithm system is the real X-Factor behind the success of Google.
  7. Adolf Hitler was a politician who had the X-Factor.
  8. Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer with the mad X Factor.


X-Factor first discovered in around 1930, probably in America.


This idiomatic expression can be used  with or without hyphen (-), either X-Factor or X Factor both are the same and correct.

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Is X Factor capitalize (both words) all the time regardless where they are in a sentence? Please show me capitalization rules using X Factor. Thanks.

‒ Prudencio K. Apusen August 29, 2020

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