leg it

leg it

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  • an informal way of telling someone to run in order to evade capture
  • telling someone to go away (used as an interjection)
  • to get somewhere quickly
  • to use your legs to get from one place to another
  • to run very fast – to escape from somebody

Example Sentences

  1. We were trespassing on their property. When the alarm went off we had to leg it or we would be caught.
  2. When you hear someone coming give us a signal and we will leg it.
  3. You should not be here! Leg it!
  4. We better leg it or we are not going to make it home before curfew.
  5. We have five minutes before class starts, we will have to leg it or we will be late.
  6. I do not have a car, so if I want to get anywhere I have to leg it.


The origin of the phrase is not known. It is possibly related to the fact that you need to use your legs in the absence of a better option.

The word leg has been used since the 1200s. It related to the lower appendage of a person of animal.

It has been used in this context, meaning “to use the legs, to walk or run” since the 1500s.


L 1 Thought

1 Thought

It is a canal term. The chaps lay on the top of the barge and used their legs to move the boat under a bridge where the horse couldn’t fit.

- Pix October 6, 2020

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