upper crust


the upper crust


  • the aristocracy and upper classes, informal
  • the highest social class or group; especially the highest circle of the upper class.


  1. Reservation system was developed to help the needy. Now it has become privilege for the society therefore even the upper crust are demanding reservation these days.
  2. Many leaders brought reform in the country by giving equal rights to all citizens else it would have been a place of rule by the upper crust.
  3. Many people who belong to the upper crust consider themselves special. Perhaps they’ve forgotten each being is equal in God’s eyes despite of their status on society.
  4. Not everyone from the upper crust looks towards others as low. Many people have broken the stereotype by uplifting the poor & working for their well-being.
  5. Though many countries are democratic which means equal rights for all yet it has been seen that the upper crust get added privilege in one way or the other.
  6. No matter you are from upper crust, you still have to work your way out to earn a life of your own, else you’ll just be recognised by the name of your family.

In Anne Elizabeth Baker’s Glossary of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases (1854) ‘Mrs Upper Crust’ is explained as the nickname for ‘any female who assumes unauthorized superiority’. The term was also current in informal American speech in the mid 19th century. The French word gratin has a similar pair of literal and metaphorical senses, being literally ‘a crust of crumbs and cheese on top of a cooked dish’ and metaphorically ‘the highest class of society’.

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