backroom boy(s)

backroom boy(s)


  • people who work in anonymity
  • someone working tirelessly behind the scenes
  • a person who advises someone in the public eye
  • working without public knowledge or awareness
  • a person involved in systematic especially secret research

Example Sentences

  1. They left the technical problems for the back-rooms boys. They will make short work of it all.
  2. It’s the people behind the scenes who deserve all the praise. We never see the backroom boys in public, but we know how hard they all work.
  3. Thank heavens they had an army of backroom boys to rely on in a crisis.
  4. The president trusts his backroom boys to give him the best advice at all times.
  5. The evening was going smoothly, thanks to all the backroom boys and girls working hard to get everyone where they should be at the right time.
  6. They want to hire the backroom boy of their opponent.


Dating back to a speech by Lord Beaverbrook in 1941, when he praised the scientists, researchers, and technical staff working anonymously behind the scenes in the UK during World War 2.

“To whom must the praise be given? To the boys in the back rooms. They do not sit in the limelight, but they are the men who do all the work.”


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