up in the air


up in the air


  • unresolved, undecided
  • undecided about something
  • uncertain or unresolved, often because other matters have to be decided first
  • not yet settled or finalized
  • unsure, full of doubt
  • not yet decided

Example Sentences

  1. The future of the project is up in the air as the management has failed to finalize the budget.
  2. The decision to implement the system is still up in the air as the management is debating over its pros and cons.
  3. The proposal to build a flyover on the busy road is up in the air as the various bodies are fighting over their responsibilities.
  4. Our vacation plans are still up in the air as we keep differing over our choice of locations.
  5. I am not sure what the plans are. Everything was up in the air when I last spoke to him about it.
  6. Nothing is finalized about our moving to a new city. things are sort of up in the air right now.
  7. Julie said she did not know what she would do once she finished her schooling. Everything was up in the air for now.

This phrase refers to unsettled particles or matter as something that is floating in the air. “In the air” has been used with a similar meaning since the mid 1700s, and this exact phrase has been in use since the first half of 1900s.

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