from A to Z


from A to Z


  • comprehensive
  • from the beginning to the end
  • including or covering everything possible
  • regarding the entire range or scope
  • complete and with wide variety
  • from start to finish
  • covering all of the things involved, comprehensively and thoroughly

Example Sentences

  1. Steve Job’s latest book tell the story of his from A to Z.
  2. This book is the final word on this subject. It covers everything from A to Z.
  3. Before finalizing the presentation, we need to check whether we have covered everything in the scope, from A to Z.
  4. He said he would have to take a stock count of everything that was there in the store, from A to Z.
  5. You do not need to carry anything for the trip. The place we are going to has everything stocked up, from A to Z.
  6. You will have to check the list meticulously, from A to Z, and ensure that nothing is missing.
  7. If you want to find out about that place, ask him. He knows everything about it, from A to Z.

The phrase, quite obviously, refers to the first and last letters of the alphabet and alludes to including everything in between. However, it is not clear since when the phrase has been used in the figurative sense.

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And Luke 11:51, "...the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias..." Meaning, the first mutter in history to the last murder recorded in the last book of the Hebrew Bible. I think THIS is the true origin of the phrase.

- Fishcop February 20, 2021

I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. I believe the truth should always prevail, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. I believe that God exists in all of mankind. I believe that the devil also exists in all of mankind, whereas the battle between good and evil do battle within a person often. Whoever wins such battle, defines one's soul!

- James G.F.S. January 2, 2020

Matthew 23:35 where Jesus refers to "from Abel to Zechariah".

- Just someone who finds the origins of words and phrases intriguing. December 23, 2019

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