up a blind alley

up a blind alley


  • to be doing something that will definitely have a negative outcome
  • to be headed towards doom
  • to be headed towards certain failure

Example Sentences

  1. The trip was up a blind alley it seems because the travel agent could not even jot down a proper itinerary. I wonder why they booked a holiday with such a shady company anyway.
  2. I wonder if the marriage was up a blind alley from the very beginning.
  3. The exam was up a blind alley for me this time because I just did not have the time to study after working two jobs.
  4. She is headed up a blind alley being in a relationship with him.
  5. I cannot simply watch my children walk up a blind alley.
  6. The country has walked up a blind alley after having chosen a presidential candidate such as this one. He has a rubbish track record and an unnecessary mean streak.


The phrase which refers to no pass through from an alley was first used in 1583 by Richard Stanyhurst which was a literal reference to an alley. Its figurative form was used in the 1900's. The first literary use of the same was in the year 1874.

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