up the ante


up the ante


  • increase the demands or risks to obtain better results
  • increase the stakes or price of something
  • increase the cost or considerations required to reach a result
  • set a higher standard or goal

Example Sentences

  1. The government has upped the ante by refusing to negotiate with the ultras until a ceasefire has been agreed.
  2. In order to up the ante on their quest to free the place of crime, the government introduced some new measures that would serve as a deterrent to criminals.
  3. The protesting workers upped the ante by refusing to work until their demands were met by the management.
  4. Realizing that his skills were much in demand, he upped the ante and asked for double the pay along with various other benefits.
  5. The team was determined to win the competition and upped the ante by hiring a number of professional support staff.
  6. The company raised wages and hired more skilled workers in order to up the ante and grab more market share.
  7. By providing reliable services for reasonable prices, they have upped the ante in the industry which others would find hard to follow.

The phrase originated in betting games like poker. The ante is the amount the player commit to before the game begins. When a player increases the amount, it is termed as upping the ante. The cost, risk, reward all go up as a result of upping the ante.

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