to heart’s content


to heart’s content


  • to gain full satisfaction
  • when the limit is up to the requirement of the other person
  • the extent to which the person feels satisfied, this feeling comes from within the person instead of anything external
  • the satisfaction is usually resultant of quantity rather than quality when this phrase is being used but that is not a rule

 Example Sentences

  1. The man ate food at the buffet to his heart’s content. He seemed really happy as he left for home.
  2. I used to keep giving him a piece of my mind regularly which he would not pay much heed to, so today I yelled at him to my heart’s content.
  3. She does not understand any advice that I give. She always ends up shopping to her heart’s content.
  4. I can get the gifts to my heart’s content but I really want him to like them.
  5. She kept buying jewellery to her heart’s content but her joy only lasted until her mother saw the bills.
  6. The young children played in the rain to their heart’s content.


In psychological terms and matter of speaking, to satisfy the heart of a person is among the most difficult things. Hence the phrase refers to the point where a person’s heart is satisfied.

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Good afternoon!

There appears to be a typo in sentence 6 (they –> their)

P.S. I appreciate how insightful your definitions are. Great work! Спасибо!:)

‒ Vsevolod July 28, 2020

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