cool as cucumber


as cool as cucumber


  • be very calm and relaxed, particularly when it’s astonishing
  • undisturbed by temperature or any action
  • tremendously tranquil

composed, unflappable, calm, collected, level-headed, unexcitable, unflustered, imperturbable

Example Sentences

  1. There he stood, cool as cucumber and totally oblivious to the violence that had shattered the very fabric of the society.
  2. This is too hot today but looking as cool as cucumber.
  3. How could the murderer be as cool as cucumber after doing such serious sins like murder, robbery, assault?
  4. You usually get so excited and disturbed so easily, this could obstruct progress in your job, try and learn to be as cool as cucumber for achievements in working place.
  5. Carl is walked in as cool as cucumber after slapping the senior schoolmate so tight in front of all. Does he know what he did?
  6. She was as cool as cucumber even when she cought red handed, stealing money from drawer.

This idiom is derived from the cool attributes of cucumber. Cucumbers always feel cool, green and fresh even in hot conditions.

But the sense of the word “cool” in the expression doesn’t indicate having a low temperature rather it means self-confident and calm. The idiom was very first discovered in a verse by the British poet John Gay ‘New Song on New Similies’ in 1732:

“Cool as a cucumber could see the rest of womankind”.

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