heart and soul

heart and soul


  • with all the effort you can put into it
  • with sincerity and commitment
  • the whole of one’s obsession and energy
  • the essence, spirit or core
  • with complete honesty and loyalty

Example Sentences

  1. He’s dedicated to the project heart and soul.
  2. She’s thrown herself heart and soul into her studies.
  3. If you put your heart and soul into your training you will make it.
  4. I feel so sorry for the team. Every week they put their heart and soul into the match, but they hardly ever win.
  5. Hadiqa loved her husband heart and soul but he left her for good.
  6. Native Red Indians are heart and soul of American continent.
  7. Idioms are the heart and soul of any language.
  8. I have thrown my full heart and soul into this piece of writing.


Though the exact origin of this idiom is not known but it is believed that the expression ‘heart and soul’ is being used since 1700.

If you have any information about its origin please share in comments below.


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