third degree


third degree


  • an interrogation that frequently includes torture in an effort to find the truth or a confession.
  • the use of severe inquiries and nasty treatment to collect information.
  • a long and intense period of interrogation.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious of the three kinds of burns. They are very severe and destroy tissue under the skin, causing permanent damage.
  • Third-degree murder is known as the least serious of the three kinds of murder, mainly in America.

Example Sentences

  1. The detective put him through the third degree, but he wouldn’t break.
  2. The boss grilled her to the third degree, and she still got the job.
  3. She was taken to the hospital, where the doctors confirmed third-degree burns.
  4. The coach gave the players the third degree after the game.
  5. He was put through the third degree before he found out if he was accepted.


In the late 19th century, police officers used the term “third degree” to describe their aggressive interrogation methods during criminal investigations. These methods involved intense questioning, psychological manipulation, and the use of oppressive tactics such as threats of violence or physical punishment to coerce confessions from suspects. The plan was to weaken the suspect’s mental barriers and make them more open to sharing information. Just to clarify, “third-degree” typically describes the severity of a crime or injury, such as third-degree burns or third-degree murder, but it is not relevant in this context.

Severe burns often require extensive medical treatment or even surgery. The term “third-degree” originally referred to the most severe level of seriousness or intensity of an activity. Today, it commonly describes situations where someone is heavily questioned to obtain information, similar to an interrogation. It has expanded in meaning to include any intense interrogation or questioning and can be used in various scenarios, like job interviews or police investigations. Regardless of the situation, the phrase “third degree” carries connotations of an intimidating and uncomfortable experience for those being questioned. The phrase is also used in a more informal setting and can often be heard during heated interactions between friends or family members. No matter the context, the phrase “third degree” has come to mean any kind of intense questioning or interrogation.

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