Thinking Idioms

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sharp as a tack

Meaning: extremely intelligent or perceptive; mentally acute.

Example: Even at 80 years old, Grandma is as sharp as a tack and still solves crossword puzzles in minutes. Read more ➺

gray matter

Meaning: An informal phrase used to describe a person's intelligence or ability to think and reason.

Example: It doesn't take a lot of gray matter to solve this simple puzzle. Read more ➺

food for thought

Meaning: an idea or subject to think about.

Example: The manager's meeting today has given me a lot of food for thought about whether I want to continue working for this company. Read more ➺

mull over

Meaning: to take a long time to make a decision

Example: I will need to mull things over before I decide whether or not to start my own business. It is a big decision. Read more ➺

miles away

Meaning: unaware of the current situation

Example: Just by reading her facial expressions, I can easily tell you that she is miles away. Read more ➺

great minds think alike

Meaning: thoughts of very intelligent people are similar to each other

Example: The two of us had the same idea at the same time.¬†Well, great minds think alike! Read more ➺

think outside the box

Meaning: think differently

Example: The team always thinks outside the box to come up with unique advertisements for all its clients. Read more ➺