miles away


miles away

Meaning | Synonyms

  • unaware of the current situation
  • thinking about something else when important issues are being discussed
  • unconscious of the things that are happening around
  • to appear distracted
  • unable to concentrate
  • deviated from the focusing point
  • contemplative
  • thoughtful
  • pensive
  • lost in thought
  • mulling things over

Example Sentences

  1. Just by reading her facial expressions, I can easily tell you that she is miles away.
  2. Sara seems to be miles away – she must be thinking about her home.
  3. While I was teaching, I observed that Salina is miles away from the lecture.
  4. That meeting was quite important, but you were miles away.
  5. You were miles away when I told you that Tom is not feeling well.


There is no well-defined origin of the phrase “miles away”. The oldest reference to be found is in the month of November 1990, when a song was released by an American rock band named Winger. The name of this song was ‘Miles Away’. Moreover, this phrase is related to the unit of measurement “mile”. The mile is the unit of length which is used to measure distances. One mile equals to 1,760 yards which makes it ideal for the measurement of long distances. Therefore, saying miles away means that someone is far away from the point of discussion.

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