food for thought


food for thought


  • an idea or subject to think about.
  • to have things to think about arising from an event or situation.
  • new scheme or method to do something.

Example Sentences

  1. The manager’s meeting today has given me a lot of food for thought about whether I want to continue working for this company.
  2. This article is meant to serve as food for thought for all those who indulge in such trade malpractice.
  3. This decision is food for thought for everyone who thinks they can get away with such atrocious crimes.
  4. My daughter has given me some food for thought about how she organizes her toys, and now I’m wondering if this can become an innovative business idea.
  5. My uncle reads the newspaper to get some food for thought about the current goings-on  in the world.
  6. To listen to her speak at such conferences is food for thought.
  7. Here is food for thought: Why don’t you start your own manufacturing unit based on your experience and industry know-how?


The phrase “food for thought” is contemporary in nature, but the idea dates back to the times of the French revolution and the era of reason. This was the time when people shed the beliefs that were taught by popular religious outlets and started to question things. This also brought about severe improvements in the standard of living for the people. Hence, the phrase is also almost always used in a positive way, that is, to think about something in order to improve it.

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