take name in vain

take name in vain


  • Use someone’s name in a way that shows a lack of respect
  • Speaking in a disrespectful manner, especially when concerning religion
  • Talk about someone in a criticizing manner


  1. Atheists find one way or the other to take God’s name in vain.
  2. After being scolded by his teacher, he started taking her name in vain in front of his classmates.
  3. Some people have the habit of taking everyone’s name in vain no matter what.
  4. Taking name of politicians in vain over social media is not a small issue now. One could be imprisoned for such act.
  5. Do not get bothered about people taking your name in vain, they are simply trying to pull you down.
  6. I had warned my friend of the other group who were nice to her on her face & started taking her name in vain the moment she left. She did not believe me & now she is repenting over it.
  7. As you get famous you’re bound to hear people take your name in vain.

This idiom has a biblical origin & has been originated from the third of the biblical Ten Commandments which is: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain'(Exodus 20:7).

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