beef up


beef up

Meaning | Definition

  • to become big and muscular
  • to boost or develop something
  • to build something stronger or more efficient
  • to become fat

Example Sentences

  1. Google has beefed up it’s search algorithm to provide the best quality search result to its users.
  2. Enna’s child has not beefed up at all in the last two years. Wonder how she manages to feed such a fussy baby.
  3. Man, my car is getting older and weaker, I want to beef it up with new engine.
  4. Hello Lazar, can you tell me what to eat to beef up my body in right way?
  5. I will beef up before the pageant and then lose the weight afterwards.
  6. Nobody likes your beefed up look, please stick to your weight the way it is.
  7. He likes to beef up every ones in a while and then works very hard to shed the extra pounds.
  8. You will need to beef up before the contest else you cannot participate in the over 70 kilo range.
  9. Do you think I should beef up before the wedding?
  10. Is it possible to beef up and then come back in shape as quickly as the celebrities do?
  11. He has beefed up since taking up the desk job in a multinational company. The stress and lack of exercise does that to people.


There are many countries that breed cattle for consumption and they are fed well in order to be able to provide more flesh. This activity of beefing up has stuck on in parlance for any person or animal who is growing in size beyond it regular quotient.

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