must have


must have


  • to be done in a compulsory manner
  • to compulsorily have (something)
  • something that is an essential item (though not necessarily for living)
  • a desirable item

Example Sentences

  1. The must haves this season include a tunic and a head scarf.
  2. I must have the document on my desk by noon, no later.
  3. She must have something to say to him otherwise why would she look so restless and uncomfortable in his presence?
  4. She gets these pregnancy cravings and has been saying that she must have some ice cream right now.
  5. My children must have a bicycle each.
  6. It was made very clear to the salesman that we must have all the accessories with the car.
  7. If she must have a small wedding then you should let her do it her way, don’t be such controlling parents.
  8. I must have something to eat right now or I might faint.
  9. Do you know about the must have collection by Louis Vuitton?
  10. The paintings by this artist are a must have for any good collection to be complete.


The phrase is usually used as a fashion advice and is speculated to have originated from the same genre.

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