speak soon

speak soon

Meaning | Synonyms

  • talk to you soon
  • I will talk to you later, usually spoken at the end of a conversation
  • see you soon
  • catch you later
  • bye; goodbye

Example Sentences

  1. Thank you so much for your assistance Sandra, speak soon.
  2. I have to go on a business trip darling, but we’ll speak soon, I promise.
  3. I ran into Mark the other day, and he mentioned you weren’t feeling too well, I was hoping we could speak soon.
  4. I hear you are going to Greece. Enjoy your vacation and we shall speak soon.
  5. We’ll speak soon, all right?
  6. I have to go to work now – speak soon.
  7. We have been talking for a long time, we should go now. Speak soon!
  8. I am getting late for my office now. Don’t worry, we will speak soon.
  9. It was nice talking with you. Speak soon!


The phrase “speak soon” originated sometime in the 1850s. Back then, people communicated via telegraphic dispatch, and the sender of the telegram was charged for each word in the telegram. So, to ensure that they don’t get charged so much, people started cutting their sentences, omitting words. At the end of each correspondence, instead of saying “I will talk to you later” or speak to you soon, the sender instead writes “Speak soon.” This trend continued till about 1855 and over time, not only was it used in telegrams and letters, it found its way to emails, especially for informal correspondence, and telephone conversations, before being replaced by the very popular bye or goodbye.

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