zip it
zip it Meaning to ask someone to shut up to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner to stop talking Example Sentences The teacher had ... Read on
hold tongue
hold tongue also, bite tongue Meaning to keep quiet when one would rather speak used when telling people not to speak Example Sentences When she said that she ... Read on
silence is golden
silence is golden Meaning it is often better to say nothing at all keeping your mouth shut is a great virtue peace and quiet is to be enjoyed ... Read on
button your lip
button your lip Meaning to stop speaking to refrain from talking too much to ask someone to be quiet Example Sentences "His continuous talking makes me wish he ... Read on
pipe down
pipe down Meaning to take to one or more notches down to its current standard to request to maintain silence to reduce noise Example Sentences The exercise was ... Read on
bite tongue
bite tongue also, hold tongue Meaning | Synonyms to keep yourself from saying something that you really want to say to stop one’s self from saying something rude ... Read on

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wrap in cotton wool
wrap in cotton wool Meaning: protect somebody too much without allowing them to be independent enough. Example: The mother wrapped the child up in cotton wool as if ... Read on


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