right away


right away
also, right off

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to do something immediately
  • to perform a task without delay
  • immediately / instantaneously
  • right now / just now
  • straight away
  • without ado
  • without beating about the bush
  • on the double
  • at this instant

Example Sentences

  1. I promise to complete my homework right away.
  2. I will bring back the dish right away.
  3. We have to leave right away if we want to be in time for the show.
  4. He told me that they would get back to me right away regarding an answer.
  5. Sit down, right away! If you disrupt my class again, I will send you to the principal’s office.
  6. I will try to find an answer for you right away, Mr. Jones.


In some instances, people use “right off” instead of right away. It has the same meaning as the original phrase.

I disliked my new co-worker right off.

In this context “away” means at once. This meaning can be traced back to the 1500s, but is rarely used in this sense anymore. There are a few remaining phrases that still employ it though. Originally it can be related to the meaning “onward in time.”

The word right simply emphasizes the next word. Meaning that it is used to create a sense of urgency.

It is a colloquial phrase that is used to express the need for something to be done without delay.

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