light years away

light years away

Light-year is a unit of length used to measure long astronomical distances between the stars, galaxies, and planets. And one light-year is equal to the distance traveled by the light in one year.

Meaning | Synonyms

  • when something seems unlikely to happen
  • too far in distance
  • something which is not expected to happen within a given amount of time
  • a very long time duration

Example Sentences

  1. The technological advancement like flying cars is light years away.
  2. A solution to this problem is still light years away.
  3. Some people say that British education system is light years away of the American education system.
  4. The competition is not that tough. In fact, they are light years away.
  5. At that time it seemed light years away, but now I am married and have my own family.


The phrase “light years away” came from the background of a light-year. A light-year is considered as the unit of length. It is the amount of distance that light can travel in one year. It is also misinterpreted as the unit of time because of the usage of the word “year” in it. From this background it is easy to conclude that the phrase “light years away” is simply used to relate something which will take a long time to happen.


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