lie low


lie low


  • To go out of sight, usually after having done something bad.
  • To bide time.
  • To be out of reach.
  • To be in hiding.

Example Sentences

  1. Someone else in his position would lie low after having done what he did!
  2. I refused to lie low because the error in question was not within my department’s jurisdiction.
  3. She made a mistake, it happens. She is not a criminal to have to lie low for something like this.
  4. He took a really big loan and could not pay it back, now he is lying low to escape the bank officials.
  5. Susan is lying low after her break up because she is way too upset these days.
  6. You should lie low since you have scored so badly in the exam this time.
  7. She often throws tantrums and makes a scene when fighting and then has to lie low for a while to avoid embarrassment.

Shakespeare used the phrase in his 13th century play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ which was meant in the same way as it is seen today. There is a mattress which is in trade within the United Kingdom market which are known as the Li-los which is a low lying mattress.

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He must’ve been precocious writer in school; that was 200 years before he was born…

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