Medusa Tattoo


Medusa Tattoo


  • an apotropaic character proposed to protect against the evil and negative.

The Medusa tattoo is a symbol of survival, especially in sexual abuse cases. It’s a mark of protection against evil. The tattoo is also a symbol of strength. People often see the Medusa tattoo as an empowerment icon. Therefore, it is popular with women.

Origin & History

Medusa is a well-known character in Greek mythology. In the 8th century BC, Medusa’s story is disclosed. Medusa was a beautiful woman. Poseidon, the God of the sea, deflowered her in the goddess Athena’s temple. As punishment, Athena turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and her face into a terrifying thing that would transform people into stone. This made her turn into the monstrous form she is known for. The Greek hero, Perseus, eventually beheaded Medusa. Medusa’s story has therefore been used as a symbol of strength and power, especially for women who have encountered sexual harassment.

Her image (the Medusa Tattoo) has been used as a mark of protection against evil. The Medusa tattoo is an image of a snake-haired maiden, symbolizing female power. Medusa is also linked to ideas of transformation and freedom, jealousy, or evil. Part of the symbolism linked to Medusa’s head is that it can ward off evil. Medusa has been represented in sculpture, classic art, and metalwork. In 1995, Vasilis Exarchos opened the first studio called Medusa Tattoo in Exarcheia.

Example Sentences

  1. Many female ticktockers use the hashtag “Medusa tattoo” to symbolize survival.
  2. Jennifer looks at her Medusa tattoo and reminds herself how strong she is.
  3. The artist offers Medusa tattoos for both men and women.
  4. Many people are trying to find out the meaning behind the snakeskin Medusa tattoo.
  5. That man got a Medusa tattoo for being a survivor of abuse.

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